Three unique craft alcohol locations with three unique experiences located in the heart of Minnesota Viking Country! Enjoy our handcrafted beverages and learn the unique differences between them while driving through picturesque scenery and two historic downtown centers!  Join the crawl to experience it all - SKÅL!

Panther Distillery_Building.jpg.jpeg


As the first craft distillery of Minnesota, Panther Distillery has been handcrafting spirits since 2011. It is extremely important to us to create a product that is true to who we are. This means sourcing our grain from local farmers, distilling in small batches, aging and bottling our own spirits. Here you can taste the Minnesota difference in our spirits and see how they are made, from start to finish.



Copper Trail Brewing is the fifth brewery in the history of Alexandria.  Now being a part of an incredible history, we have a relaxing-meets-industrial taproom to enjoy all of our craft brews.  You are able to sit and kick back a few pints twenty feet from where your beer was made.  From mash-in to fermentation, this beer is fresh and every style we make pushes the boundaries but is still extremely balanced.  Cheers to the Journey!



Making wine since 1999, Carlos Creek Winery is one of the largest and oldest wineries in the state  - and THE MOST FUN WINERY! We are dedicated to crafting award winning wines while making sure that the wine experience is fun and enjoyable for everyone. Come and experience why we are THE OFFICIAL WINE OF MINNESOTA FUN!